Drilling for Black Gold

Most of the world relies on fossil fuels to some extent. The process of extracting those fuels from the earth is fairly straightforward: you drill down until you reach the fossil fuel and then pump it up into a container. The reality of drilling for petroleum, though, is a bit more challenging. A non-renewable resource, fossil fuels have become increasingly difficult to locate which in turn adds to the challenge of removing them from their location to be used by consumers up here on the surface. This has presented some unique opportunities for enterprising drilling companies.

Offshore Platforms

The size of small cities with human populations frequently over one hundred, the offshore oil rig has specific needs in order to function properly. One of these is well intervention services. Not sure what that is? In a nutshell, it’s the ability to enter a well to perform tasks other than …

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Tips To Create A TaskRabbit Web Clone

Are you planning to develop a peer-to-peer resource similar to TaskRabbit? Let’s explore what aspects shall be taken into account to design a reliable and valuable solution.

Targeted demographics of platforms like TaskRabbit

Such p2p marketplaces usually have the following groups of the audience:

  • Clients. Those are people who don’t have time, desire, or necessary skills to take care of specific domestic work. Thus, they’re ready to pay a certain amount to get that housework done.
  • Taskers. This group of users is eager to provide household services. They just need to fill in a form to specify what professional skills they have so clients can find them.

Hints and tips on building a demanded solution for taskers

It’s pretty clear that a service like TaskRabbit will have more chances to turn successful in a country that doesn’t have similar software. However, no need to get upset if you …

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