How To Increase the Morale of Your Company’s Remote Workers

Current employment trends combined with the COVID-19 pandemic have led to more employees working remotely. While this arrangement allows people to skip their commutes and work from the comfort of their own homes, it can create an environment in which people feel less connected. Here are a few ways to boost the morale of at-home workers.

Be Flexible

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a new normal for many families. Parents are often juggling work responsibilities with full-time child care brought about by remote schooling.

Because this is the new reality facing many workers, employers must understand that the work will get done, but the process might look a bit different. If possible, be flexible when scheduling meetings and try to understand when employees request an extension. By being empathetic, you help create a positive work environment that can boost morale and reduce turnover. 

Make Sure Employees Feel Heard

Employees value …

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